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Prenn tourist area is a famous beautiful landscapes located on Highway 20 at the gateway to Dalat, 10 km from the city center.



Coming to Prenn you will be immersed in nature, contemplates a vivid landscapes, attractive sights, entertainment, camping, ...



The most prominent feature of the resort Prenn is a chance to discover the majestic Prenn waterfall with a height of more than 20m. Prenn tourist area measuring 160 hectares, including pine forests and primeval forests account for 90% of the area.
Want to capture visitors must cross a short bridge that spans the stream, splashed with water as the mist that falls, creating a cooling sensation and the pleasure. When down to the waterfall visitors will encounter the stone steps hugging the hillsides are arranged according to home. At the foot of waterfalls cascade looked up a screen as a curtain of white light poured down as the hair of fairies, so that this place is also known as Tien Sa.
Guests along the road leading to the zoo, an orchid garden, or hiking to explore the floor, on top of the tree hut, visit the silk embroidery room, look at the souvenir shop, sightseeing solar rock gardens. Guests also can take the cable operator Trans autonomous enjoy a sense of adventure with cool cradling waterfall. Guests also participated in sports games such as rubber boating, riding, riding, riding ostriches, engaging cultural performances gong fried, Highland dress costume, campfire, ...


To the east is the temple falls Au Lac. The temple was built in the form of concrete stairs, including: Ha Temple, Middle Temple, Thuong Temple. Stop at Upper house, visitors can not help but look at Jade with water wells are in a big stone and shaped the gong, the sound as a bell.
Au Lac Park with legendary 100 eggs and 100 boulders evoke the epic roots, park where memorize Hung Vuong Vietnamese businessman.