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Trung Temple

On the way from the Upper Temple Middle Temple has always been reliable small temple to worship God Rice. Resort was cleverly put here a unique altar. Pedestal with rocks weighing about 1 ton, the giant grain. Rice is the god of our people considered typical gods of ancient Vietnamese nation, the spiritual symbol of wet rice civilization.

Through Shen Rice shrine, visitors to the Middle Temple measuring 150 square meters is the monument to remember the thanks of King Hung, simulations built on the Hung Kings temple at Nghia Linh Mountain Home by Thuc Phan An Duong Vuong serve up.

300 square meter temple grounds, the lobby has a large bonsai Beu placed in an education. Middle Temple Furniture exhibited many precious antiques. Especially here with fossil wood specimens 1,27m high, stem diameter of about 50cm, dating back millions of years ago, a new discovery Dai Ninh river upstream. This is shaking his rare specimens, where there is little. In porters to Central Park placed a piece of furniture made of natural stone, known as you have money. Left the house with small waterfalls cascade called King. Visitors can follow the small bridge into the lake Long Circuit reflected blue water surface, the lake has an area of about 1000 square meters is located halfway up the mountain but still have water in dry season.