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Tourist Area Cam Ly

Cam Ly Falls waterfall is located near the city center the most

Only Dalat 2km west . Many people believe that Camly word means fresh cool streams seep into people's hearts . There were also suggestions that , also by turning negative Camly from Dam M'ly ( the name of the head of wholesale Yagut ) that the . Either way, with the understanding Camly remains the " soul " of Dalat .
Not noisy and thunderous ringing as other pristine waterfall , Cam Ly waterfall modestly and quietly flowing through the granite cliff , splashing water looks beautiful and sparkling like crystals in the sun . As subconscious beauty of Da Lat in particular and visitors in general . Cam Ly became a source of inspiration for artists ...
Guests stroll along the Xuan Huong Lake also heard gurgling streams. A stream flows into the lake in the north, a different line from the lake flowed south went under a bridge, near the bus station. Leg irons dam to regulate the stream water level. Both streams are called Cam Ly. Glider outflow towards the west, while a lake 2km to pass a stream passage is blocked off by large granite boulders, forming the famous waterfall Cam Ly beautiful Dalat with a height of about 30m. In the rainy season, water from upstream of the falls forming white mist across the landscape looks very romantic. It was so that Cam Ly was once going into poetry, music graphic ... Photo of Cam Ly was introduced in the magazine "Revue Indochine" and even some of the French press before.

According to the legend that the old village is here on the Cam Ly name is derived from the English K'Ho. When Cam Le stream flows through a village of a tribe who Lat, a chieftain who K 'Ho's clan name Lat including K' should mly residents named its region for their water streams to remember the merits of the village master the beautiful village governance. Long days and people read into Cam Ly. Besides, there is a presumption that Cam Ly Vietnam comes from the root welding (orange is sweet and is absorbed into the glass). Means that Cam Ly is a symbol of a fresh water stream ever captivated hearts romantic hotel du.Thac Cam Ly formerly tied to a pine forest next door, called the "forest sex" (boie d 'ramour) but today he is no more forest. Cascade of water shortage in the dry season but a flood season, huge chunks of water poured down violently. /.

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