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Thuong Temple

Au Lac from travelers park along the steep stone path up the mountain as a pilgrimage to visit the temple to worship the Supreme. Temple flush, turn on the lower left is a small water wells - Long circuits, known as Au wells breast milk. A very strange thing is though between the dry season, with the height of the Phoenix Mountain is 1.250m compared to sea level where wells are never dry.

From upper temple visitors can see the hand overarching Prenn magnificent resort. Upper house area of about 70 square meters, measuring 150 square meters of temple grounds, back against the foot of the mountain, at the foot of the valley.

On the left is the iconic rock guitar, the right is a gem gong can emit sounds echoed, spread so far as to knock on. The interior of the temple is decorated elaborately, in fact there are three altar space, on each altar are doors depicting the Dragon Fairy expectations converge with sophisticated decoration gilded. Power rear internal supply is strictly sacred place, hanging on horizontal image carved three golden words "Thach Vietnam Fatherland" is to remind people to remember the ancient roots.