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Prenn waterfall tourist area

Prenn Falls is a beautiful waterfall in Lam Dong province. Bring a soothing waterfall looks, graceful as a screen gently pouring water from a height of 10 m down a small lake, surrounded by greenery and a hill full of information freedom, comfort


Prenn located at the foot of Prenn Pass Dalat center about 10 km, is located along Highway 20.


Prenn name reminiscent of a distant around the fifteenth century - XVII, when the mountains where there are boundary theater of war aggression and territorial defense. Original Prenn Cham language means "the invasion", while the indigenous tribe as Lat, Chil, Sre back invaders known as "Prenn".



To access the waterfall, visitors must go through a short bridge that spans the stream was sure concrete embankment to prevent erosion. Way down a beautiful waterfall with stone steps hug the hillsides are arranged according sensibly; Guests will see a curtain of water released from a height of nearly 10 meters themselves down a small valley has been edited into a flower garden from where there are beautiful entrance put foot on the hill surrounding airy.



Visitors can along the road leading to the zoo, an orchid garden or strolling gardens heels watching the flowers blooming, the petite cottage or swaying treetop suspension bridge crossing the small stream . At another point, the solar rock garden filled with random arrangement creates a pleasant surprise. Especially with the cable car system, visitors can cross the falls in the sense of adventure held, almost going into the fairy realms ...