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Dalat purple Lavender


Dalat purple Lavender
Lavender flowers - lavender - is a famous tropical flowers with purple and sweet scent that people love Vietnamese want a potted flower or bouquet Lavender importer must accept towering prices.
But recently, Le Tien Thanh young engineers in Dalat has grown and exported to markets Lavender pots with just half the price, even by a third compared with imported flowers. He still plans to plant Lavender conducted in greenhouses, gardens turn into a free place to visit for tourists and flower lovers.


Le Tien Thanh, who is an agricultural engineer, so the "blood" love tree, love is always standing in the heart of the land though his official work under the nuclear field. Members are regularly planted trees give flowers and ornamental markets. Choose direction "narrow", unlike many other florists, Members are not commercialized popular flowers that choose to plant new flowers, to test and also hard to find in Vietnam. Therefore, the color purple lavender fields of France were made Members and selected favorites. After 2 years, the pots of lavender cotton The market has been in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi accepted and he is expanding the scale of production.
Lavender introduced four lines he directly imported from Dalat and trials of 2 years, Thanh said, Lavender is not easy to grow. Same quite expensive, people do not achieve results by branch, the tree's seeds sown by slow growth, maturity, flowering is uneven. Lavender sowing seeds until the bloom, this process took almost four months. Lavender lines carry many different shapes such as leaves and cotton Lavandula dentata (lavender leaves sawn), Lavandula lanata (lavender butterfly), English Lavender ... but common that bears purple flowers characteristic, sweet scent conceited. Vietnamese flower market is extremely popular but not as popular Lavender flowers imported by the high price, most users do not have the conditions to enjoy this flower. Therefore, the young engineer selection according to the time of sowing Lavender holidays in Vietnam as of the day of love, International Women's Day 8/3, the Vietnam Women's Day 20/10 ... Go to holidays people usually give flowers to each other, thousands of City Lavender made garden pots "burning" products, even many pots do not have any buds also buyers.
Lavender suit Dalat by cool weather, however, like many other plants, Lavender can not tolerate high humidity and in the rainy season that the plant is dead Dalat lot. Right at the beginning of the rainy season in 2015, Le Tien Thanh is building a greenhouse at Van Thanh Flower Village, Ward 5, Da Lat to expand the scale of planting Lavender. "When greenhouses are done, I'll put a bed planted underground Lavender. Nutritious, consistent moisture, the plants will grow well, the flower will grow equally exotic flowers. I am ready to welcome visitors, who love to take a free flowers, both produce and people do travel together "- Thanh said. To cater to growing flowers in greenhouses round, Members have the same friends tinkering specialized tissue culture propagation processes Lavender by in vitro methods. Because, only mass propagation by tissue culture, uneven quality of new varieties, the time of growth and flowering simultaneously. Right after 1 year of research, process Lavender propagation in vitro method for success and are promising a hopeful blossom season.
From purple floral Lavender fields of France, Vietnamese flower lovers today can enjoy delicate purple flowers Lavender mountain town, contribute little extra flavor to life, for flower lovers.