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Ha Temple

This is one of the important items of the Hung Kings Memorial. Is the location where spacious very convenient for the organization of incense during the annual death anniversary and the festival mass.

Lower Temple has the largest area of construction compared to temples in ruins, measuring 180 square meters, measuring 500 square meters of temple grounds. The interior of the temple are decorated solemn also create sacred feeling for visitors to admire. The main space of the electric power statue of King Hung.

The precious wood trees winding dragon sculpture in the clouds, a symbol of the Vietnamese race. Rear, skylight space with mixed paints in friendly young love scene in miniature. The front has an antique stone table includes 13 bar, when typing emit sounds magical. Along the Upper Temple and Middle Temple, the Temple of the House of Prenn resort held a lot of artifacts showcasing the culture of Dong Son, Son Vi, Vietnam UNESCO center by donating the end of 2008.